Your Favorite Band

Only two band names came across my mind when I first saw the challenge: The Beatles and Paramore. How are they in the same level, I can never understand. I know no band levels up to the Beatles, but Paramore is awesome in their own way.


Since I’m currently listening to Playing God, I would vote Paramore.




Since they have started, Paramore replaced, added, and reinstated a few band members.  I became a fan when they released their second album, Misery Business, and it was composed of Jeremy Davis (bass), Hayley Williams (vocals), Josh Farro (guitar), and Zac Farro (drums). Since I am not genre-specific, I relied to other critics when I say that they produce pop-rock and alternative rock music. Misery Business was a big success and Paramore was seen in every new media there is.


Undoubtedly their biggest charmer, Hayley, captured people with her powerful, wide-ranged vocals. She was initially compared to Avril Lavigne and was accused of imitating her. However, it didn’t take long before Hayley could prove that she was no Avril.


Hayley was indeed one of the best vocalist in this generation. She can bang hear head, jump like crazy, dance on stage and still sing with grace. She knows how to turn the audience crazy and she has good showmanship. One of the things that made her so charming to fans is her personality and style. She flaunts her physical flaws, she acts naturally, and she loves reaching out to her fans. yes! She makes time to answer twitter messages, uses Tumblr, and updates her Official Blog on every so often.


Due to Hayley taking most of the attention, the boys are left underrated. But fans know better. They know how to look past Hayley the vocalist, and see Paramore as a band.  Talent-wise, the guys have so many things to boast about. Looks-wise, they are freakin’ hot. And yes, I said freakin.


Taylor York. I’ve first seen him in the Final Riot DVD, and I was like who’s that? 🙂 I thought he was just playing for the tour but in June 15, 2009, Paramore officially announced that Taylor York is their new band member.  I didn’t like Taylor at first, I thought it will ruin the whole dynamics of Paramore. And then I took back what I said, when I actually fancied Taylor among the guy group members. 🙂


Their third album, Brand New Eyes, marked a more mature music and lyrics for the band. The internal issues and struggles of the band was diverted into an inspiration for writing the album. Ergo, the name Brand New Eyes.

Brand New Eyes, if I’m not mistaken made more singles into music videos than the two earlier albums. I love listening to this album and some of the songs are very relevant. Among the tracks, my favorite is Playing God.


“If god’s the game that you’re playing then we must get more acquainted, because it has to be lonely to be the only who’s holy.”


Unfortunately, last year, Josh and Zac Farro left the band. Paramore had to do the South American tour with a different lead guitarist and drummer.


The best thing about Paramore is that their music is something that would not easily tire your taste. It always brings me to the mood and I love walking to class with Misery Business album in my ears.  They perform one of the best concerts and it’s amazing how you only watch their concerts in Youtube but you still want to bang heads along with them. They perform with heart and passion and the good thing about it is that the audience can feel it too.


Their fourth album is soon to come out. We’re used to Josh’s beautiful music that was the old albums. Now it’s Taylor’s time to shine. Let’s wait and hear.





~ by Left And Write on July 14, 2011.

3 Responses to “Your Favorite Band”

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  2. So true . I love Hayley . She is so awesome ! But i kinda feel Amy Lee is better when it comes to singing with emotions ! Amy lee’s singing takes you to a whole new world !

    • I agree with the emotions. Although there is something about Amy’s singing that I don’t like. I guess its her voice per se. It’s like she doesn’t give it all out. I dunno. 🙂 Thank you for your comment.

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